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Generation of Dangerous Goods Documents for the modes of transport air freight, maritime transport and road transport with the DGD-eTools.

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Digitise your Dangerous Goods management now. Quickly and easily create, edit, manage and archive Dangerous Goods Documents.

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Expand your existing application. Online data check for dangerous goods documents. The modern validation for your digital DGD.

Create Dangerous Goods Documents easily and securely online

Say goodbye to returned shipments and penalties for them. Stop wasting time with undecipherable government manuals. Increase your efficiency and profit with our DGD-eTools, the modern and advanced software for shipping hazardous materials.

It is no coincidence that not just anyone without prior training or examination is allowed to prepare transport documents for dangerous goods and include them as accompanying documents for a shipment. Each country regulates the management of dangerous goods shipments through complex sets of rules, extensive laws and regulations. Use the DGD e-Tools and accelerate the dangerous goods shipping process so that it becomes faster, more transparent and, above all, more reliable.

eDGD offers many advantages in creating a digital Dangerous Goods Document with web-based software (SaaS – Software-as-a-Service)

for air transport Easy operation Optimization of transport processes
for maritime transport Checking the syntax Optimization of time sequences
for road transport User Management high time savings
Multimodal through transformation and merging Group management Quick detection
Checking logic Role management PDF generation and printing
GDPR compliant operation User training at NMMN Archiving
worldwide access On-site user training Validation of data
SaaS Solution Pay per User optionally dedicated server

all modes of transpor

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    Suitable for air transpor

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    Suitable for maritime tr

  • ansport

    Suitable for road traf

  • fic

    Multimodal through transformation and merg


safe operation

  • access worldwide at any tim

  • e

    no installation required, as SaaS sol

  • ution

    GDPR compliant ope

  • ration

    Archiving (based on legal principles)

  • Operation in the state-of-the-art and certified datacenter in H
  • amburg

    optional on dedicated se


Extensive user management

  • Group management with subgroups

  • Rights management
  • Role management

comfortable operation

  • modern and intuitive operator gui

  • dance

    Quick capture with copy function and

  • templates

    Checking syntax for in

  • puts

    Checking logic

  • Validation of data


  • ptional user training at NMMN or on-site




  • of transport processes for all participants in the transport chain


  • mization of time sequences


  • lidation of data

    PDF ge

  • neration and printing at any time

Low costs thanks to software-as-a-service and pay-per-user billing!

Individual characteristics of the modes of transport are recognised. Cross-modal.

road transport

  • Preparation of ADR Transport Document
  • complete ADR fabric list
  • Calculation according to the 1,000 points rule according to ADR
  • Compliance with the provisions of the ADR

maritime transport

  • Preparation of the IMO Declaration
  • Consideration of flash point
  • Compliance with the requirements of the International Maritime Code for Dangerous Goods (IMDG)

aviation transport

  • Creation of Shipper’s Declaration
  • Consideration of overpacks and repackaging
  • Q-value calculation
  • Compliance with the regulations of the technical instructions of the ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) and the IATA DGR (International Air Transport Association, Dangerous Goods Regulation)
  • for shippers according to IATA DGR personnel category 1

“…without buttering you up – your program is currently the ONLY one on the market that really works 1a and is practical / user-friendly!”

Bild von Christian Kalis, GF der Ge-Lo Akademie

We are working very successfully and closely with the NMMN for years and also use eDGD in our training courses. It covers all areas extensively and is updated regularly and quickly.

Christian Kalis / Gefahrgutbeauftragter & Geschäftsführer, Ge-Lo Akademie GmbH

The software (eDGD) simplifies the creation of dangerous goods documents immensely and even special requests are implemented if possible.

Rainer Knaak / Warehousemanager, Sensient Colors Europe GmbH


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